Financial crisis has improved client relations says DSA

Financial crisis has improved client relations says DSA

Client relations have changed for the better since the outbreak of the financial crisis, according to UAE-based architecture firm DSA.

At a recent roundtable discussion organised by Middle East Architect, Steve Kelshaw, managing director, DSA, said: “The interaction with the client is very  different from what it was a few years ago. The client is now interested in what is going on – they are involved from day one.

“Before it was all about the fast track and getting projects delivered. They just wanted to keep going even it wasn’t finished properly. It was just not managed, it was just crazy.”

Kelshaw added: “Now things are more considered – our clients are in our offices every week. It’s a better process – you get it right first time and move on. The margins are so tight these days we can’t afford to do it twice.”

DSA’s recent portfolio includes the new One & Only hotel on Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah.

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