Ferreira Café opens its doors to an all-new décor

Ferreira Café opens its doors to an all-new décor

The celebrated Peel Street restaurant in Montreal has re-opened its doors following major renovations. With a fresh, updated interior design that aptly reflects its Portuguese roots, the Ferreira Café keeps up with the times while continuing to keep its regulars happy.

“With this new décor, it’s as if we’ve signed a lease for another 20 years!” explains Carlos Ferreira, owner of the Ferreira Group.  Serving Portuguese cuisine to Montrealers for soon two decades, the changes made to its interior décor, however, mark a new chapter in the establishment’s history.

Renovations were completed on schedule by designers Pascale Vaillancourt and Paul William Francoeur from the architectural firm Provencher Roy. The designers endeavoured to infuse the space with a breath of fresh air while still respecting the restaurant’s origins.

“Above all, we were inspired by Carlos’ Portuguese roots,” he explains. “We wanted the décor to reflect his homeland by adding slightly yellowish glass panels to the hand-trowelled plaster walls for relief and texture. To this, we fixed black porcelain swallows, a traditional Portuguese symbol of family, loyalty and love that brings good luck.” An open mezzanine, a new private room and the Rosa salon revive the space at the heart of the restaurant.


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