Flying saucer museum proposed for Arabia

Flying saucer museum proposed for Arabia

Mexico architect Fernando Romero has unveiled his firm’s proposal for a space-age 3800m2 cultural institution set in an unnamed Arabian desert location, which will showcase photography and photographic equipment.

The structure of the PH museum functions as a large canopy that is used to shade the outdoor areas, complemented by water features and vegetation.

Inspired by the mechanics of a camera, the organisation of the museum reflects the complexity of camera lens.

The interior design is organised radially from the centre of the building with a spiraling ramp connecting these spaces to emphasise spatial continuity.

The facade reveals traditional Islamic motifs through intricate hexagonal patterns, consisting of a splayed steel structure in thin panels of local stone.

Perforations in the stone panels allow the main lobby to be naturally illuminated and casts lattice-like shadows that help animate the space.

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