Pierre Cardin moves into skyscraper design

Pierre Cardin moves into skyscraper design

Trendy fashion designer Pierre Cardin has diverted his craft from clothing to buildings by designing skyscraper Palaise Lumiere with the help of architect nephew, Rodrigo Basilicati.

Located in the Italian city of Venice, in the former industrial area of Porto Marghera, the 245m design boasts a 60-storey construction featuring three fin-shaped towers knitted together through a set of six horizontal steel discs.

Still in touch with his haute couture side, Cardin’s skyscraper includes a shopping centre, a hotel, and theatre, along with conference centres, offices, restaurants, and over 284 residential apartments.

To further keep up appearances, the tower features swimming pools, gardens and ponds, all located on the upper decks with a helipad situated on the roof.

The Palaise Lumiere aims to contain everything under one roof, shortening the length of time to reach each amenity.

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