Fadi Sarieddine showcases ‘Cocoon Chair’ at Design Days Dubai

Fadi Sarieddine showcases ‘Cocoon Chair’ at Design Days Dubai

Inspired by the idea of living with interactive furniture, which feeds off of one’s mood and needs, Lebanese architect Fadi Sarieddine returned to Design Days for the third time, challenging again the fundamentals of traditional design.

The cocoon chair has again become one of the top trends for furniture. Sarieddine introduced the Swaddle, a cocoon-shaped chair, designed to give its ‘inhabitant” both privacy and a little cosy space.

“It is kind of a dream chair, but we thought it would be nice to mix this kind of utilitarian and poetic aspect. The chair allows you to put your legs up and be introverted for a while,” says Sarieddine.

Swaddle is modelled to engulf the user within an elliptical structure spacious enough to curl up into. Hand stitched and upholstered in a MadeByNative vegetable-tanned leather, a soft cotton quilt allows the user to snuggle in the chair. When the quilt is not used, it can be passed through the hole to become a Swaddle tail.

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