Fabric tunnels installed in gallery space

Architect and artist Sophia Chang has installed a huge fabric cocoon-like tunnel through the interior of the Invivia Gallery in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

She used stretched sheets of Lycra around the frames to create a network of tunnels and enclosed spaces.

Extended between different entrances and wrapped around the base of the gallery’s spiral staircase, the structure features a handful of opening, which includes windows that looks outside.

Chang said: “The softened geometries of this expansive fabric insertion frame both people and their context, while confounding the experience of interior and exterior, wall and room, hiding and revealing places to be found and explored.”

She explained that the intention was to represent the feeling of being inside walls, in the space known as poché.

“Here poché receives a more ambiguous reinterpretation,” said Chang. “What could be understood as a wall or reminiscent space from one vantage point, becomes an inhabitable room from another.”


Photography by Anita Kan.

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