Fabio Novembre attends Italian Design Day in Dubai to celebrate creativity and craftsmanship

Fabio Novembre attends Italian Design Day in Dubai to celebrate creativity and craftsmanship

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Renowned architect and designer Fabio Novembre attended the second edition of Italian Design Day, an annual event celebrated in the first week of March by Italy’s high commissions and consulates in 100 cities around the world. This year’s theme explores the relationship between design and sustainability. More than 25 Italian companies participated in the event by organising a walking tour of their offices and showrooms located within Dubai Design District (d3). Speaking at the event, Novembre, 51, reiterates the synergy between good design and sustainability.

The Italian designer says: “Good design will have fewer elements, which means less use of materials while still keeping your design sensibilities and functionality alive. For example, I don’t like door handles, or doors for that matter. I don’t believe in creating barriers, whether it’s visual or psychological. Design needs to be organic and be able to move freely.”

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Commenting on his visit to Dubai yet again this year, after having attended the Italian Design Day event last year, he tells DesignMENA exclusively: ” While I haven’t had the time yet to go out and see the new developments in the city, I’ve met with Mohammad Saeed Al Shehhi, CEO of d3. He’s only 34, but he has already established d3 as a top design destination. We’ve exchanged messages already to see how we can work together. I do want to go see the Louvre Abu Dhabi museum. It’s a magnificent piece of work. It was born like a special flower in this region, which doesn’t grow very often. I’m really dying to see it.”

Organised under the umbrella of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Italian embassies and their respective trade commissions around the world hold this event throughout the first week of March. Speaking at the event, Gianpaolo Bruno, trade commissioner at the Dubai-based Italian Trade Commission for the UAE, Oman and Pakistan says: “We would like to celebrate this peculiar aspect of Italian creativity, manufacturing know-how and all the companies that are here in Dubai, representing Italian design and products. We would like to celebrate this very unique aspect of our culture which is deeply rooted in tradition and artisanal know-how, which have been translated into manufacturing capabilities, thanks to a wonderful job by Italian designers who translate ideas into everyday products. Italian products not only have an aesthetic and functional value, it’s also a part of our everyday life. we would like to showcase the “Live like Italians lifestyle” all over the world. It’s an international cooperation, when all the major cities celebrate the beauty and flair of Italian design experience.”

Bruno also opines that Italian design is very well positioned in the UAE. “The people here really associate Italy with creativity and high quality design and it’s a perfect match. It creates a special link between ours and Arab culture. There has been a mutual appreciation for each other’s culture, so design could be an ambassador between this everlasting link between the two,” he says.

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