Exploring Soviet ruins

Exploring Soviet ruins

Dead Space and Ruins is the title of an exhibition exploring the decaying architecture of the former Soviet Union and its allies which is on show at the Calvert 22 Foundation in London

The exhibition features the work of three photographers and one filmmaker and juxtaposes peeling paintwork and crumbling ceilings with propaganda artworks

Italian photographer Eric Lusito explored the ruins of former army bases and monuments, as part of his ongoing exploration into the physical remains of the “all-powerful Soviet Empire”.

“From East Germany to Mongolia, from Poland to Kazakhstan, these now decaying military buildings and structures – sites hidden for so long which formed the very heart of the Soviet system, with their symbols of the all-powerful Soviet Empire once seemingly inviolable – illuminate and inform our understanding of the power and influence the military held over the people of the Soviet bloc countries, and in turn they reflect the decay of the empire itself,” he said.

Examples include a memorial at a deserted nuclear power station in Russia and the former Communist Party headquarters in Bulgaria.

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