Experts say Dubai is to become one of the “most livable cities by 2020”

Experts say Dubai is to become one of the “most livable cities by 2020”

According to industry experts, Dubai’s 2020 plans is gearing the emirate towards becoming one of the world’s most livable cities.

The topic was discussed by experts taking part in the upcoming Dubai Municipality- hosted Urban Agenda 2020 conference, taking place from 31 March- 1 April.

“A successful, livable city functions as its own ecosystem,” said Najib Mohammed Saleh, head of Dubai Urban Plan 2020 at Dubai Municipality. “It balances its social, economic and environmental needs through smart urban planning.

“Dubai has crafted its economic vision 2020, and to now fulfill that goal of being a global business hub and economic centre, our strategy is to priorotise the needs of its citizens and build on these whilst being socially equitable and environmentally sustainable, as well as being economically driven.

“To ensure the continued growt of the emirate, we are setting out to construct a livable city that is totally modeled around the needs of the people that inhabit it through intelligent urban mapping and efficient design,” Saleh added.

As part of Dubai’s collective approach to urban growth, in addition to real estate developers, architects and investors, an important factor is managing its resources as a group of strategic assets, including its people.

“Efficient urban planning can result in significant environmental gains as well as increased resource security,” explained Saleh. “But livability or quality of life of its inhabitants is hugely important for ensuring its future economic performance.”

Recommendations of the experts taking part at the Urban Agenda 2020 will formally document an action plan for the city planners through publication.

Thea Skelton, director at Streamline Marketing Group, the event organiser said: “The conference creates a discourse amongst industry leaders and decision-makers and the general public to collectively work together to achieve a SMART 2020 Dubai. It addresses the impact of leisure and education on livability, for example, whilst also examining the influence of tourism and a city’s creatice economy.

“Importantly, a key theme on 2014’s agenda is that of technology and data, and how the emirate is reacting to advances in technology to better the life of its inhabitants,” Skelton added.



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