Architectural colour and surface trends revealed for Europe

Axalta Coating Systems, supplier of architectural coatings, has revealed results for its research on European colour trends, based on the quantity of the different colours sold in 2012.

White has been a dominant colour in architectural applications for a long time and with a share of 38%, it still remains so. Different shades of grey are also catching up with a share of 36%, increasing the expectancy for grey metallic colours in the coming years with bionic structures.

Black is also becoming more and more popular in architecture, while brown, due to natural connotations such as wood, earth, stone and sand, has been recognised as one of the up-and-coming colours with a share of 8%.

In addition, with sustainability’s successive popularity in architecture, the colour green is also becoming popular- now up to 3%.

In terms of surfaces, glossy surfaces are in style at the moment with 37.05% with matte slowly catching up with 28.34%. Fine textured surfaces are also popular with a share of 12.39%.

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