UAE eco website teams up with carbon consultants

UAE eco website teams up with carbon consultants

UAE-based environmental online portal, Go has partnered with one of the UK’s leading carbon management consultants.

The CEO of Original Carbon, Mike Rigby, will be providing Go Green with customary contributions including stories and advice on matters concerning carbon and climate.

“At Original Carbon, we’re really excited about opening up our stories, research and advice to a whole new audience. Go Green has become a beacon of best practice info throughout the region and we are looking forward to becoming part of that,” said Mike Rigby.

Go Green, founded in 2008, was established in order to boost awareness on the environmental issues that affect the planet, aiming to be a reminder to those in the region, encouraging wariness to the natural environment in our daily lives. The portal has won multiple awards for its encouragement and support for environmental awareness.

Its partnership will benefit Go Green with Original Carbon’s expertise and practice in the carbon field while Go Green will open the Middle Eastern market for carbon and climate services to Original Carbon’s UK market.

The Original Carbon company provides carbon auditing services to businesses; helping the companies improve their understanding on carbon footprints of organisations as well as products and services, including advice on carbon reduction.

Sharad Agarwal, the founder of Go Green, (pictured) expressed his pleasure about the union of the two companies.

“We are delighted to have Mike onboard to share his success stories on our portal and reach out to a large community of eco-enthusiasts,” he added.

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