Entry for Iran’s Expo 2015 pavilion uses nature as metaphor

One of the competition entries for Iran’s pavilion for Milan Expo 2015 is proposed by New Wave Architecture, demonstrating an essence of the country merged in a series of organic forms.

Reflecting the expo’s theme Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life, the pavilion explores the trace of Iranian culture, literature and art. Entitled The Persian Garden, it reflects the concept of a tree cycle.

Speaking of the properties of the design, the architects said “the tree offers a pleasant space on its shadow, carries natural ventilation and becomes a rain shelter in the rainy days of Milan,” adding that “Iran’s pavilion should be an alluring depiction of its long-time civilisation, art, historical characteristics and cultural events with having close connection with agronomics, food and technology.”

“Reminding the structure of the dome and various transition techniques in historical Persian monuments, from polygonal shapes to circular forms in the Persian architecture we impel to extract the parametric pattern of the Sheikh Lotfo-Allah dome in Isfahan seamlessly whilst inter-playing with light and shade and integrating the architecture with its structure.”

“As a consequence of the continuous arches and open areas alongside the water stream, natural ventilation is deduced throughout the pavilion. Meanwhile the rain water is re-collected, stored in a tank, filtered and distributed to the lower parts of the area for re-use, lavation etc. Solar panels are efficiently angled on the roof to receive an important amount of sunlight for providing a high percentage of energy required for the pavilion,” said the architects.

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