Endless Stairway reaches into London sky

Endless Stairway reaches into London sky

Architect Alex de Rijke of dRMM has constructed an installation of staircases outside Tate Modern in London.

Endless Stair, constructed on the bank of the River Thames as part of this year’s London Design Festival, has 15 interlocking staircases demonstrating a new cross-laminated timber material.

De Rijke said: “Endless Stair is a prototype.

“It’s a research project into making a new material, or a new version of a material, namely a hard wood
version of laminated timber, which is generally soft wood.

“Stairs are one of the nicest things about architecture. Somebody once said sculpture’s gift to architecture is the staircase.

“Endless Stair is obviously a real staircase with a real end. The idea of Endless Stair is that it can be endlessly reconfigured – it’s something that can be recycled and reused. There are 15 flights in this example, and they can be reconfigured with more or less in many different contexts.”

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