Emirati designer unveils new 2013 collection

Emirati designer unveils new 2013 collection

Emirati furniture designer, Khalid Shafar has launched a new design from his 2013 collection featuring a shelving unit entitled “The Trap.”

The designer’s creations are usually inspired by his hometown, Dubai and “The Trap” is no different.

Living in Jumeirah as a child, Shafar used to observe fishing traps and was always fascinated by the intricate formation of the netting.

Shafar revealed in his description of the design that: “When a fish goes into a simple fishing trap it can’t go out again. The Trap uses the same idea. A simple pull on the shelf drawer and you can access your possessions inside. It is a piece of art in itself and a functional object for display.”

Recently, the designer has also launched his new showroom space, KASA and will once again be exhibiting at Dubai’s high-end furniture fair, Design Days Dubai.

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