Egypt needs more development than Qatar, says architect

Egypt needs more development than Qatar, says architect

Investment in infrastructure and architecture is more pressing in North Africa than in the Gulf region, according to Turkish architecture firm Tabanlioglu.

Speaking to Middle East Architect, Murat Tabanlioglu, partner, said: “I think that Egypt and Libya are very different markets to Dubai and Qatar. The Gulf has more showcase projects and every architect and construction firm wants to be in Qatar right now.

“Qatar has many stadium plans for the World Cup [pictured], but these projects are for the moment, not for the future.”

He continued: “Cairo has 15 million people and there is more of a need for better buildings. In Qatar you can build a very nice, shiny building but what will happen afterwards?  I think it is more important to build in the countries that need real architecture.”

“The countries in North Africa have had their problems but they are now more democratic. We will see this reflected in the architecture – there will be more projects for the people.”

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