Eco-friendly home has walls made from straw

Eco-friendly home has walls made from straw

Architect Nicolas Koff has designed and built a modern sustainable home near Hamilton, Ontario, Canada with walls made from straw.

K-House is eco-friendly and built using prefabricated 15.75-inch 40cm thick straw-bale walls.

The entire home was constructed using natural materials, traditional construction methods, and modern technology.

It is kept warm with the aid of fireplaces and the straw walls, offer excellent insulation and greatly reduce the household’s energy consumption.

Straw was in the form of super compressed bales, which, according to the architect, offer the same protection as any of the more commonly used building materials.

The cooling of the house is achieved via strategically placed windows, which allow for cross-ventilation. The home is also fitted with rooftop solar panels, which are mounted on the home’s metal roof. This array is capable of meeting the household’s energy needs.

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