Eating in style

Eating in style

UAE: With its laid-back and casual atmosphere, the contemporary restaurant Urban Bistro offers its patrons an inviting ambiance inspired by the surrounding professional district of Media City.

The restaurant consists of three main elements that nicely complete the concept of the modern eatery: the Deli, a long counter that maintains built-in fridge displays along with six standing tables for grab-and-go meals; the Bistro, which is a more formal eating area that caters to those who want to have an in-restaurant dining experience; and the Terrace, an area that provides a view of the lake and surrounding external landscaped areas.

“Urban Bistro is a cosy space with a distinctly European feel, offering a relaxing and informal ambience,” said Aymen Mzoughi, lead designer, Draw Link Group.

“The challenge was to design a restaurant that meets all the expectations of the surrounding area, especially Media City with all the television and radio centres and studios. So our approach was to develop a contemporary design. It is a special restaurant targeting a special category of guests. Maybe this will distance it from other restaurants and also offer a social experience out of the standard.”

Urban Bistro certainly has an international feel to it. It boasts an interior design that could seemingly fit into most large global cities. Concerning the concept’s inspiration, Mzoughi explained: “Inspiration can come in different forms. Traveling is the main inspiration, from going deep inside different cultures and societies and translating your own vision into projects, objects or paintings.

“The materials used on the project have been sourced from all over the world. The vinyl flooring is from the US, [while the] wooden cladding was locally customised, marble was sourced from Italy and some of the furniture like the tables and sofas were custom designed and produced by Draw Link at its factory in Tunisia.”

The modern restaurant playfully applies contemporary colour and design formats. Mzoughi added: “There are three areas in the restaurant that have different colour schemes, but the main colour scheme is grey with natural wood tones. Galvanised steel shelves have been incorporated to accentuate the industrial effect.”

The restaurant’s prime location in Dubai’s Media City proved to be a major factor of concern. The area’s environment is heavily congested and stirs with activity, with skyscrapers full of hardworking employees.

“While executing this project, it was a challenge due to the time frame given to execute the project. The location also posed a challenge as it is surrounded by [many media outlets] and is always very busy,” informed Mzoughi.

However, in spite of the challenges and time restraints that Draw Link Group faced during the construction phase, the location has posed a number of positive outcomes such as the endless amount of professional lunch-time visitors.

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