Dutch firm producing free form steel structures helps architects

Dutch firm producing free form steel structures helps architects

CentraalStaal International

CentraalStaal International is a firm based in the Netherlands that carries out engineering, production and assembly of free form steel structures used in the architecture of buildings.

The company started out from the ship building industry before expanding into architecture and heavy industries.

“We’ve always been thinking in a three-dimensional way. When we decided to enter architectural work, we were suddenly working with many prestigious architects in the world, like Zaha Hadid and artists like Anish Kapoor,” said Wybren Terpstra, head of sales division, Centraalstaal International.

In the UAE, CentraalStaal worked with Asymptote/Hana Rashid and Lise Anne Couture on the link bridge at the Yas Marina Hotel.

“Architects want no limits on their construction boundaries and something that is very organic, which we provide at a reasonable price,” he added.

All the engineering and construction work is carried out in Holland, with the final elements being ‘packaged like IKEA’ and sent to engineers all over the world. The firm also sends its own engineers to where the final assembly takes place.

With a lot of interest from Middle East countries like Saudi Arabia, Oman and Qatar, CentraalStaal is currently working on many international projects. These include: the Cable Car London project with Wilkinson Eyre Architects; the OVT Arnhem with architects UN Studio; and, the Wei-Wu-Ying Plaza in Taiwan with Mecanoo Architects.

“We work with local architects and investor to realise their dreams,” added Terpstra.

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