Dubai’s butterfly park to open in Miracle Garden

Dubai’s butterfly park to open in Miracle Garden

Dubai’s first butterfly park will open in two weeks and will house nearly 35,000 butterflies, located in Miracle Garden, Dubai land.

The Dh35mn park will feature nine domes spread across an area of 50,000 square feet.

“We will be opening the butterfly park in next two weeks. We will have 35,000 butterflies, of all breeds and fancy colours, living in their natural habitat in these domes,” said Farhan Shehzad, project manager, Akar Landscaping Services and Agriculture, developer of Miracle Garden.

The developer added that the park is the second largest in the world after Malaysia.

“The lifespan of butterflies is between 14 and 26 days. Since we have to have 35,000 butterflies, we will be breeding pupae at our facility in Al Ain. We also have research experts who will be monitoring the butterflies and their lifespan,” Shehzad disclosed.

In February 2013, Dubai Municipality said phase one of Dubai Safari will include a butterfly park, golf course, entertainment and recreational facilities.

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