Dubai to become open air art gallery

Dubai to become open air art gallery

Dubai is set to become an open-air gallery, with sculptures and street art to be place in prime locations.

The emirate’s ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid  Al Maktoum has launched Dubai Speaks to You, a project bringing together the country’s best artists in celebration of the city and its people.

“We are giving you the opportunity to make your city into an open-air museum. Dubai is your canvas,” Sheikh Mohammed told young artists at the Dubai Government’s Media Office.

“We celebrate innovation, art and beauty. Your talent and creativity will invite visitors, citizens and residents to explore the many facets of Dubai’s rich diversity and pioneering spirit. And this is an invitation to all artists in the UAE who want to participate in this project.”

 “Dubai’s artists, innovators and creative talent are integral partners in its development and, through their work, they can capture its unique essence and voice.”

The project, the inaugural initiative under the banner of Brand Dubai, will be run in collaboration with property developers and the artists.

Artists’ impressions and photographs displayed at the launch event which took place yesterday (Monday) showed how the artworks could be used on Dubai Metro infrastructure, along key road tunnels and as centrepieces in plazas and parks.

Brand Dubai will work with Nakheel, Meydan, Emaar, Dubai Holding and Meraas Holding to ensure prime locations across the city are available for artists to work on.

Mona Ghanem Al Marri, the director general of the Government of Dubai Media Office), said: “Dubai attracts millions of tourists every year, and we are an incredibly multicultural city with expatriates from around the world. These communities contribute to making Dubai a rich cultural mosaic.

“Public spaces are the essence of the look and feel of a city and this is why we are launching this project. We want people to experience Dubai’s dynamism and this is where the talent of all those in attendance today comes in.”

“From the moment a visitor lands in our city until the moment he or she leaves, we want Dubai to surprise and delight them. We want Dubai to linger in people’s minds. Other than a city’s architectural landmarks and we have plenty of those, the true soul of a city is its culture, its heritage, its creators and innovators.”

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