Dubai Design District seeks local talent

Dubai Design District seeks local talent

A new project aimed at attracting architects and designers to offer their talents to Dubai Design District (d3) has just been launched.

The joint venture involves the emirate’s Culture & Arts Authority along with the municipality and Design Days Dubai.

It is aimed at engineers and students as well as the design and build profession and will result in the formation of “Urban Commissions” to promote regional talent and encourage the creation of public artworks and installations.

Those who eventually take part will be chosen by a panel of judges from the bodies running the scheme as well as academics.

Saeed Al Nabouda, acting director general of the Dubai Culture & Arts Authority, said: “Urban Commissions is a model in promoting home-grown talent by creating a platform for them to express their creativity, while also encouraging inter-cultural dialogue among the cosmopolitan community of Dubai.

The project is also aimed at enhancing the open space of the area for visitors and so far it has received 120 entries, with a winner due to be announced next month.

Architect Ahmad Bukhash said: “With the advent of advanced public transportation systems within Dubai, the urban form within the city is on the verge of a transition to a pedestrian centric environment. Hence there is a necessity to enrich the public space by interacting and engaging the community through the universal medium of design.

“The urban commissions initiative has developed a truly unique program to engage the local design community to function as catalysts to support this enrichment by addressing the basic function of seating in public spaces through a design competition will complement the contemporary urban language unique to Dubai and will be culturally rooted in its architectural setting.”

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