“Dubai is a place for visionary people” says Fabio Novembre

“Dubai is a place for visionary people” says Fabio Novembre

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designMENA spoke to revered Italian architect Fabio Novembre prior to his keynote speech at the 2017 Design Days Dubai.

The designer spoke about his strong belief in designing for the present and looking to the future. It is one of the reasons he is so fascinated with Dubai, he said.

“I always say Dubai is a place for visionary people; it is a very visionary place. Fifty years ago it was a desert and look at it today. I love Dubai for how it displays the power of dreams and the power of a vision and I am very interested in being part of that vision.”

Although trained as an architect, Novembre has never designed a building, which is something he now wants to change. He references Italian architect Ernesto Nathan Rogers, who said: “We are able to design from the spoon to the city.”

“This is a very Italian approach,” Novembre explains. “You can say I started from the spoon, from designing small things like a door handle, but now I am thinking about a city because I am ready. The older you get the more in possession you are of space. And I feel in control now. I am 50 years old, I feel strong – I can do it.”

He adds that Dubai is the first place on his list and he truly hopes to find possibilities to create “big things here”.

The featured image of Novembre’s proposal for a residential building in Dubai, inspired by a desert rose.

Read full interview here.

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