Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation announces the winners of its Project Design Space competition

Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation announces the winners of its Project Design Space competition

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The Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation (DIDI) has recently announced the winning teams of its Project Design Space competition, which attracted the submissions of more than 1,200 students across 60 schools in the UAE.

The competition aims to bring students together with clients, offering them a ‘real world experience’. This year, students received design briefs from Expo 2020, Adidas, IBM, Alserkal Avenue and Splash.

Nord Anglia International School won the Expo brief, with its ‘Expop’ design — an interactive game that promotes interaction among visitors at the World Expo through “a fun and engaging game to win merchandise or redeem points”. The brief asked for students to design an experience that would encourage visitors from different cultures to connect easily.

The Adidas brief went to Dubai Scholars Private School, which developed an environmental campaign that centred on an interactive recycling machine that enables end-users to recycle their plastic bottles and, in return, receive discounts from Adidas.

The Applied School of Technology RAK won IBM’s design challenge, which was to create a “car room of the future”. The team presented a transportable car showroom with 4D seats.

The English College won Alserkal Avenue’s brief, which asked students to design outdoor solutions for pedestrian traffic. The team designed a shading design concept, placed on two levels, powered by a solar power pulley system.

A simplistic yet effective solution, the design by English College creates interesting shadows across the space.  Along with the colourful shading concept, it also presented an interactive map for visitors and chair-table hybrids to sit against the walls for visitors to rest.

The final brief, which was provided by Splash, went to GEMS Millennium School, which designed wearable technology. The team presented four fashion designs including a sports bag with a waterproof integrated speaker with Bluetooth availability, which can be connected to multiple devices as well as removable heels, fibre optic accessories for dresses and “a hydration shirt”.

Mohammed Abdullah, president of DIDI said, “The standard of applicants and the work that we have seen throughout Project Design Space has been phenomenal and really highlights the design potential in this region.”

He added, “DIDI’s goal is to nurture the next generation of designers in the UAE and there’s definitely a lot of talent for us to do just that.”

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