Dubai Canal diversion work commences this month

Dubai Canal diversion work commences this month

Work on a temporary diversion for Sheikh Zayed Road traffic during construction of the Dubai Canal is expected to begin on Saturday July 26, said the Roads and Traffic Authority.

The diversion, due to open at the end of October, will allow workers access to the emirate’s busiest highway to build a bridge that will eventually become part of the $545m Dubai Canal project.

The new 1 kilometre stretch of road will run from Business Bay Metro station to Interchange 2, according to an RTA official.

The RTA’s Nabeel Mohammad Saleh insisted traffic would not be impacted by the construction works.

 “The first phase of diversions will be implemented on Sheikh Zayed from Dubai towards Abu Dhabi, near Safa Park area,” he was quoted as saying by local media.

“The diversion, which is one kilometre long, will not affect the current flow of traffic and the number of lanes will be the same.

“As for the traffic coming from Abu Dhabi to Dubai, the traffic will be retained on Sheikh Zayed Road while diverting it to the lanes currently available towards Abu Dhabi.”

The 3km long canal will connect the already extended creek from the Business Bay area to Jumeirah Beach, cutting through Sheikh Zayed Road, Safa Park, Al Wasl Road and Jumeirah Beach Road.

Works started in December with digging near Safa Park.

The project also requires a 16-lane bridge on Sheikh Zayed Road and two six-lane bridges over Al Wasl Road and Jumeirah Beach Road.

The Sheikh Zayed Road bridge will be almost 1 kilometre long and will raise up to 8.5 metres, allowing luxury yachts and boats to pass through.

Various shopping, leisure, residential and commercial properties will be built along both sides of the canal, including four international hotels and up to 450 restaurants.


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