Dubai becomes home to the largest living green wall in the Middle East

Dubai becomes home to the largest living green wall in the Middle East

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UAE-based Dubai Properties has unveiled the Middle East’s largest living green wall at Dubai Wharf, located in Culture Village, overlooking the Dubai Creek.

The vertical garden is six metres high, 210 metres in length, and spans 1,260m2 featuring over 80,000 plants, which form a leaf canopy area of approximately 200 trees. Emphasising the real estate company’s sustainability campaign, the wall is said to be capable of offsetting carbon equivalent to 4.4 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) annually.

In a major push for providing holistic outdoor spaces in the emirate which enhance the visual aesthetics as well as encourage a more healthy lifestyle, there has been a significant increase in such sites around the city. The green wall is also expected to become a popular spot for Instagram selfies.

The wall was built by landscaping specialist company, Gover Horticulture, using geotextile grow bags filled with peat substrates enriched with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. This technique allows for healthier root growth, irrigation and drainage, which are especially suitable for UAE’s hot climate.

Photo: Dubai Properties

designMENA also reported on the growing demand for outdoor areas which are integrated with commercial interior spaces in the UAE.

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