Dubai arts consultancy to showcase work from London

Dubai arts consultancy to showcase work from London

Dubai-based arts consultancy Capsule Arts will be showcasing the launch of a new sculptural lighting concept by London firm Giles Miller Studio at the upcoming Design Days Dubai fair.

The studio specialises in the development of innovative textural surface design. The artist’s techniques create intricate wood and ceramic surfaces that develop into a mesmerizing effect that reflects light and shadow.

“Public space in Dubai is an interesting concept right now; the way we congregate and interact in hotels, malls, and restaurants means that we’re seeing a real interest in featuring high-calibre art and design throughout these spaces,” commented Rachel Brown, co-founder at Capsule Arts.

The company works with artists who bring creativity and innovation, commissioning bespoke creations that becomes valuable to the client’s portfolio.

“The beauty of commissioning an artwork is that it becomes an integrated approach where we bring together the artist with the project designer and owner, sometimes even the operator and marketing team of the property. It’s a process that allows us to create something that speaks for the company’s brand and values- engaging visitors to a whole new level,” said Deepa Bhatia, co-founder at Capsule Arts.

Giles Miller Studio have been commissioned by some of the world’s most well-known brands including Stella McCartney, Selfridges, British Airways, Ritz-Carlton Hotels, London Design Museum, The Metropolitan Museum as well as Level Shoe District in Dubai (pictured).

“As artists we are constantly developing and pushing our depth of concept and our personal interests,” said Giles Miller. “In our case we are interested in the manipulation of light and shadow. The opportunity to marry our current work with the foreign influence of a client who may have a different perspective is always an interesting and progressive process for everyone involved.”

He added: “A commissioned artwork by its very nature ends up being a collaborative project which is inevitably shaped by the artists, the client and other designers involved, and for us it is this unknown element that presents the most opportunity.”

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