Dubai “75 most liveable city in the world” – Melbourne voted top

Dubai “75 most liveable city in the world” – Melbourne voted top

Melbourne has been judged the “most liveable city in the world” for the fifth straight year, according to a survey by the Economist .

The annual report ranked 140 cities on more than 30 factors including the prevalence of petty crime, the quality of healthcare and local food and drink. Melbourne topped the list with a score of 97.5 out of 100 on the Intelligence Unit’s scale.

Other top cities included Vienna, Vancouver and Toronto. “Most Livable Cities” tend to be mid-level urban areas rather than capitals or tourist destinations because such cities are usually able to support recreational activities without incurring much crime or many infrastructure issues.

Dubai registered 74.7 on the rating placing it in 75th place – but the city had the third most improved rating over the last five years

The list is based on a variety of factors including: health care, education, culture, environment and infrastructure.

Since 2010, the report shows, that the liveability across the world has fallen 1% due to a decline in stability and safety. The report also explains that the past 12 months have marked an increase in global instability.

“While this may seem marginal, it highlights that 57 of the cities surveyed have seen declines in liveability over the last five years,” the report reads.

“Incidences of terrorist shootings in France and Tunisia have been compounded by civil unrest in the US and ongoing conflicts in Syria, Ukraine and Libya.”

The survey highlights civil unrest, terrorism and violence as the main reasons for the decline in stability.

“Three cities in particular – Tripoli, Kiev and Damascus– have seen significant declines in the standards,” stated the report.

“Seven of the top 10 scoring cities are in Australia and Canada, with population densities of 2.88 and 3.40 people per sq km respectively.

“Of the poorer-scoring cities, 14 continue to occupy the very bottom tier of liveability rating – where ratings fall below 50 per cent and most aspects of living are severely restricted.”

The quality of living is measured by more than 30 factors including health care, stability, education, culture and the environment.

Each factor is rated as acceptable, tolerable, uncomfortable, undesirable or intolerable.

The five most liveable cities (overall rating /100)

1 Melbourne, Australia (97.5)

2 Vienna, Austria (97.4)

3 Vancouver, Canada (97.3)

4 Toronto, Canada (97.2)

=5 Adelaide, Australia (96.6)

=5 Calgary, Canada (96.6)

The five least liveable cities

136 Tripoli, Libya

137 Lagos, Nigeria

138 Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

139 Dhaka, Bangladesh

140 Damascus, Syria

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