Drone technology could create moveable mini-hotel rooms

Drone technology could create moveable mini-hotel rooms

HOK has revealed plans for a fleet of drone-style pods that would act as a portable hotel.

Called Driftscape, the scheme calls for using innovative drone technology to create mobile rooms that can be flown around the world so allowing tourists access to remote locations which have no place for them to stay.

The design was recently named a finalist in the Radical Innovation Awards, which are given to designers who conceive forward-thinking ideas for the hospitality industry.

“The Driftscape hotel allows guests to experience breathtaking locales from the comfort of their personal Driftcraft,” said the design team. “While inside the unit, guests have the ability to experience a pre-selected excursion path of their choosing.”

The designers said users would be able to “roam the plains of the Serengeti, hover over the Grand Canyon or drift through the Pearl Waterfall in China”.

At the touch of a button an “observation zone” would be transformed into a lounger or bed. Adjustable side tables would provide surfaces for eating and personal devices. A three-piece bathroom would offer a sink, shower and water closet.

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