DRAK announces ‘Industry to Luxury’ theme for 2017 Dubai Design Week

DRAK announces ‘Industry to Luxury’ theme for 2017 Dubai Design Week

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Design Ras Al Khor (DRAK), a collective led by local designers Khalid Shafar, Khulood Thani, Nadine Kanso and Tarik Al Zaharna, with a mission to promote the Ras Al Khor industrial area, has announced the theme for its upcoming edition during the 2017 Dubai Design Week.

‘Industry to Luxury’ will focus on industrial and mass-produced materials related to the Ras Al Khor area, that can be recreated for luxury use.

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Designers will be selected by the collective to undergo the three disciplines of the project: design research, innovation, and material exploration.

Khalid Shafar, one of the founders of DRAK, said: “I think the definition [of luxury] had changed globally, not only in the region. Luxury products are not only made using ‘luxurious’ materials. They are products that facilitate a luxury-lifestyle and made for luxury use regardless of the materials they are made of.”


This will be DRAK’s third initiative since it’s inception during the first Dubai Design Week in 2015, which used Ras Al Khor as its driving theme. Last year’s theme was called ‘Celebrating Wood’, encouraging designers from various fields of design to experiment and innovate using one of the world’s most used materials.

“Compared tothe  last edition, we expect more products this year than installations and more personal objects than public works. Material exploration and innovation are key to the outcomes and should reflect a strong design research. We are open for proposals and our selected designers will have the sky as a limit,” Shafar said.




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