Dornbracht reveals Smart Water technology

Dornbracht reveals Smart Water technology

Advancements in technology are constantly ruling the way modern societies operate, so it comes as no surprise that leading sanitary ware companies relate their latest ranges to up-to-date tech functions.

Dornbracht is no exception and has recently introduced its new range of Smart Water technology.

“At Dornbracht, we constantly search for answers: how does water influence our state of being? How should a fitting be designed so that it not only performs its function, but also conveys a sensation? We explore; we experiment,” says Andreas Dornbracht, CEO.

“We let ourselves be inspired by artists, architects, philosophers, designers and nature. Only then do we begin to define the details: aesthetics, health, intelligence, and intimacy. In the digital age, our needs in the bathroom and kitchen as living spaces are changing, and so are our ideas and products.”

Through Smart Water, Dornbracht seeks to redefine traditional bathing experiences by controlling the pressure, temperature and volume of water with a simple touch. It also claims that the electronic product designs can create different therapeutic effects on the user’s body—leading to a positive impact on one’s mood and emotional wellbeing.

Dornbracht explains: “Based on Dornbracht’s Smart Tools, Smart Water is an intelligent system that networks the components in the bathroom and kitchen with one another, while conveniently simplifying and individualising the applications involved.

“Operating the Smart Tools are easy. There are no complicated menus, instead it uses an intuitive and understandable touch logic application in keeping with the Smart Water message, which is: ‘Hot, cold, click’. Dornbracht develops the hardware and software itself. This way, the producer can provide the market with software updates and hardware upgrades in the future as well.”

According to the CEO, the new range focuses on keeping technology in the background. The touchpad is familiar in its design, while the touch pad and control knobs work seamlessly across multiple designs and combinations of fixtures.

The range is also useful in the kitchen as the integrated temperature and volume controls deliver the exact amount of water at the desired temperature needed for a chef’s preparation.

Dornbracht explains: “Professional cooks have taught us what they need in order to optimise cooking and preparing dishes. From this, we created Water Zones and have introduced electronically controlled fittings that ensure that your work processes run smoothly.

“A foot sensor replaces that third hand…and makes it possible to empty water from the sink without using your hands.”

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