Dornbracht, Gira and Revox at imm Cologne 2012

Dornbracht, Gira and Revox at imm Cologne 2012

Dornbracht, Gira, Imm Cologne 2012, Revox

Under the title ‘Connected Comfort – Home Automation for the Senses’, Dornbracht, Gira and Revox joined forces at imm Cologne 2012 to show the benefits of integration among different building technologies.

It presented intelligent building technology, audio systems and design fittings for bathrooms and kitchens.

The multi-functional shower showed the potential of all three brands where water, music and light controls were used in a minimalist design, customisable to the user’s preferences and needs.

With its Ambiance Tuning Technique, users can shower in a variety of ways. A tropical rainshower can be created with the JustRain sprinkler, a broad waterfall from the Watersheet flow spout or the soft washing of the body from all sides with Waterbar – all controllable from the eTool operator’s panel.

It is possible to program different water quantities, intensities, temperatures and outlets in combination with intensive colour light scenarios and music. Remote access is also possible with the HomeServer accessible via an iPhone or iPad.

The design of the installation was created by Nik and Soryonne Schweiger of 3deluxe – biorhythm.

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