Door is only gap in Japanese house exterior

Door is only gap in Japanese house exterior

A doorway is the only opening in the concrete facade of a home in Tokyo designed by local studio MDS.

Architects Kiyotoshi Mori and Natsuko Kawamura wanted Shirokane House to make the most of its small site, so they designed a three-storey structure which angles outwards and upwards to create extra space and bring in more light.

“There are basic requirements for a house, where people live, such as privacy protection and ample daylight and ventilation,” they said.

“It, however, takes a little ingenuity to satisfy such requirements under a given condition that a site is surrounded by the neighbouring buildings.”

The door is on the middle floor and leads to a high kitchen and dining room that receives natural light through a pair of high level windows.

A steel and timber staircase leads up to the top floor which includes the living room.

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