Dismaland Calais: street artist Bansky’s bid to aid migrants

Dismaland Calais: street artist Bansky’s bid to aid migrants

Materials from graffiti artist Banksy’s Dismaland theme park will be used to construct shelters for migrants at a camp on the coast of northern France, the anonymous street artist has announced on his website.

An estimated 5,000 people displaced from countries including Syria, Libya and Eritrea are believed to be camped in the area.

“All the timber and fixtures from Dismaland are being sent to the ‘jungle’ refugee camp near Calais to build shelters,” the site reads. “No online tickets will be available.”

Billed as a “bemusement park” the dystopian spoof of theme parks was sited in a huge derelict outdoor swimming pool on a beach are resembles sinister version of a Disney theme park.

A fire-ravaged fairytale-style castle was the star attraction at the park which also features a sinister Punch and Judy show.

In one sculpture, Cinderella’s lifeless body hangs from the wreckage of her crashed carriage as paparazzi snap away in a scene clearly inspired by the death of Princess Diana.

Other doom-laden images include the Grim Reaper on the dodgems and an atomic mushroom cloud.

Banksy described the art attraction in the west of England as “the UK’s most disappointing new visitor attraction” but it featured the work of more than 50 artists, including Damien Hurst and Jenny Holzer. The exhibit opened in August and closed on Sunday (September 27).

Dismaland attracted more than 150,000 visitors who paid $5 each to enter.

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