Dubai to build 150m-high ‘frame’ tower by 2013

Dubai to build 150m-high ‘frame’ tower by 2013

Al Berwaz Tower, dubbed the Dubai Frame has been approved by the Dubai government and is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2013.

A window-shaped structure with a 150m-high glass bridge, and designed by Netherlands-based Fernando Donis, the project had won the Thyssen Krupp Elevator International Architecture Award in 2009.

The architect also designed the London Gate, a large frame gate for the London Olympics, a similar design to the one proposed for Dubai.

Aiming to create a “vacuum” frame, overlooking the developments and the current and future changes of the city, the project costs US$33m and is expected to attract about two million visitors and tourists.

Dubai Municipality is supervising the design, implementation and management of the project.

The proposed building will have facilities enabling the hosting of cultural events, exhibitions and conferences on the ground floor area.

Each side shaft will have lifts that will take the visitors to the top of the structure consisting of a café offering views of the entire city.

The cross beam is designed to have a glass bridge with an observation deck.

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