Details revealed for Saudi Arabia’s Al-Faisaliya project

Details revealed for Saudi Arabia’s Al-Faisaliya project

Al-Faisaliya, Saudi Arabia

Details of the Al-Faisaliya project have been revealed by an official in Saudi Arabia.

Prince Khalid Al-Faisal bin Abdulaziz, governor of the Makkah Region, provided additional details about the project, which is alternately styled as ‘Al-Faisaliah’.

Addressing reporters, Prince Abdulaziz said the recently launched project “is […] a giant extension of the Holy City of Makkah [rather] than a new city”.

A governmental complex, including the Governorate of Makkah Region, an Islamic centre for all Islamic organisations and foundations, an Islamic research centre, facilities for meetings, symposiums, and conferences, will be developed as part of the project.

Al-Ja’waini said that the contract spans a year, and is divided into two phases.

As part of its agreement, the firm will carry out the tasks specified in the contract, including translating the airport’s long-term strategy and plan of action into concrete programmes, and securing infrastructure requirements to support third-party service providers.

Meanwhile, Al Hayat newspaper reported that additional runways and parking spaces for both, aircraft and cars, will be explored as part of the contract.

The airport’s master plan would also include “the establishment of additional lounges for passengers and new offices [for] airlines”, Al Hayat‘s report added.

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