Desso’s carpets can clear air and reduce sound

Desso’s carpets can clear air and reduce sound

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Desso, known for its cradle-to-cradle manufacturing system, has products which are able to clean the air and lead to improved acoustics.

Andrew Sibley, sales and marketing director – emerging markets, Desso said the carpets can improve quality of life, and not just look aesthetically pleasing.

Desso’s AirMaster products are patented for eight times lower fine-dust concentration in the air, versus hard floors. Its technology has been developed to capture and retain hazardous particles. Apart from hard flooring, it is also four times more effective than standard carpets.

The Desso SoundMaster is another product that results in improved sound reduction and acoustics. The SoundMaster carpet tile offers an impact sound reduction value of at least +10dB in addition to the standard value, and a 60% improvement in acoustics as compared to standard carpets.

Sibley added this was created to address the problem of acoustics in commercial spaces. “If it’s quiet, it’s conducive to a nice working environment,” he added.

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