Designing products for people rather than regions, say experts

Designing products for people rather than regions, say experts


Carrying out product design is now trying to be people-specific rather than regionally specific, according to experts.

Tristan Butterfield, creative director, Kohler, said earlier, while companies tried to design everything specific to a certain market, it’s time to look at types of consumers and what he termed as “international tribes”.

“We don’t think about whether a product is  appropriate for Middle East or for China. It’s more about the customers, who are interrelated, especially through the internet where they are all influenced by similar magazines and TV programmes,” said Butterfield.

He added it’s important to learn different cultural rules and nuances and be empathetic to the customs of each country. However, fundamentally people are very similar and designers should recategorise across different types of people and add a local dimension to it.

John Hart, chief creative officer – interiors, Kohler, agreed and said while customers across the globe have aligned tastes to a certain degree, it’s necessary to be sensitive to how people use the products from a functional and aesthetic standpoint.

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