Designers praise level of Dubai’s home grown talent

Designers praise level of Dubai’s home grown talent

The level at which UAE-based designers are working was given high regard at this morning’s DesignMENA Summit Roundtable.

Isabel Pintado, managing director at LWD Interiors commented that the quality of work produced by designers in the UAE is higher than “we give ourselves credit for” and that is something that should be promoted at the DesignMENA Summit in December.

“We are incredibly professional here. When it comes to hospitality work its a thousand times better here.” she said. She added that trying to create the same process in the US ” is painful”.

“The project managers are incredibly bland and lack the drive that you get here. We think that it’s mediocre here but it’s not. The standards of what we have here are much higher than we give ourselves credit for.”

She also commented that the work completed by manufacturers are also something to be proud of and celebrated at the Summit, adding that the quality produced is of much higher quality than elsewhere.

“I think it would be interesting to see people coming over from abroad and have them realise that we do have it here,” Pintado said.

Pallavi Dean of Pallavi Dean Interiors agreed, adding that it would be even greater to link local talent and local manufacturers and tying them all in so “designers know where to go”.


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