Designers needed to create Chemotherapy Rooms

Designers needed to create Chemotherapy Rooms

San Francisco

Kristina Wolf Design is partnering with “Rooms That Rock 4 Chemo” and an elite group of interior designers who are volunteering their time and donating furnishings to renovate chemotherapy rooms.

The project will occur from June through to August at a cancer treatment clinic in San Francisco and more designer volunteers are needed.

“We believe that nearly everyone knows a family member, friend or colleague who has experienced a cancer diagnosis,” said Kristina Wolf of Kristina Wolf Design.

“I lost a family member to cancer and recently a dear friend of mine has started undergoing treatment for pancreatic cancer. If, by doing this, I can improve even one person’s quality of life while they are undergoing treatment, then this project will be well worth the time and effort.”

Local author and botanical watercolour artist, Nancy Ballard, approached Kristina Wolf Design about the clinic rooms to create a more calming environment for patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

Kristina Wolf Design is planning to design and create a new look and feel for the chemotherapy treatment rooms and six interior designers have each selected a room or rooms to decorate. There will be a total of seven redecorated chemotherapy rooms at the clinic upon completion of the project.

The designers working on the project will also be asked to rename their rooms for a loved one. For those interested in following the progress of the project or interested in making a donation, can visit the website

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