<!--:en-->Design of Software Spaces<!--:-->

<!--:en-->Design of Software Spaces<!--:-->

Software polish may not seem as important as the design and construction of real objects — or indeed, living spaces. But, the amount of time we spend using computers for designing things to make, and the amount of time we spend managing our creative affairs on mobiles, seems to beg the question of software design’s status in our aesthetic lives.


Maybe we should, at this point, all just treat the Web as a space in a stricter sense. We mean, treat an online experience not only as an aesthetic one but also meeting the same qualifications in terms of construction, polish, premeditation of our real needs, and so on.



Ubiquitous Software

It used to the be the buzz — and it still generally is the buzz — that we were heading into an era of ‘ubiquitous computing’. That is being proved every year with the new crop of mobile devices. Mobile is the first phase in the coming ubiquity of intelligence  


The Web had a major update in 2013 that makes all multimedia content available inside a Web browser in standard fashion, without the need of plugins like Flash (RIP). We mention this for you to recall because it is a sign of the coming prevalence of software environments.

Just think how many minutes a day you rely on a screen for information, use a screen to manipulate an appliance, touch the screen of your mobile, and so on.




Leading the Way

As is often the case, the gaming industry leads technology revolutions (same as the military industry and medical industry). Online, the convergence of mobile gaming and mobile technology like Android OS have put the highest quality games into anybody’s hands. A current flagship mobile phone can be as powerful as a home game console.


The design and virtual architecture of these games, gaming sites and even the systems that include consoles like the PS4 or XBox, are extremely advanced. Can you imagine social and private spaces where screens of every size are designed with as much attention to detail and polish as the games we love?




Highest Stakes

The proof of the importance of software design, which joins our overall spatial awareness in this age, is that people are gambling real money and relying upon the quality of their games to mediate those transactions. That’s trust.

There is a huge boom in paypal casino entertainment that is safe, and shows just how much we already depend upon good visual design of the software we use every day.


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