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Design HQ

Tony Abi Gebrayel, managing partner at MZ Architects, discusses Abu Dhabi’s current and future landmarks

What is your favourite building in Abu Dhabi?
Among many building in Abu Dhabi, my favourite is still Aldar HQ as an overall complete project. MZ was the architect and I’m very proud of the way the building combines feasibility, flexibility with an iconic form.

How do you feel about the Aldar HQ building becoming a landmark of Abu Dhabi?
I’m convinced that the building will remain an achievement for years, without being the tallest, the biggest, the most inclined, the most expensive. The building is a phenomenal masterpiece for the next generation.

Which of the many projects underway in Abu Dhabi are you most looking forward to seeing complete?
I hope that the Louvre will be completed soon. Not only because of its design, but it’s about time to have such a museum in the region.

Do you think that Abu Dhabi 2030 is a good urban planning model for development in the Gulf?
Abu Dhabi, so far, has been the dreamland of every architect. It has given the opportunities for many to shine. I trust that the vision will be realised with the 2030 plan, even before it is completed. The plan will rejuvenate the Gulf area and place Abu Dhabi among the big cities as a model for security and stability.

What do think are the hot markets in the Middle East?
The hottest and most in-demand market in the Middle East is Saudi Arabia, but I still have trust and confidence that Abu Dhabi will soon rise again.

What are the most interesting projects that MZ Architects is working on currently?
MZ Architects is currently working on a very prestigious project in Lagos, Nigeria: the master plan of EKO Atlantic City. The development consists of business, residential, commercial, leisure areas spread on 17,000 m2 of reclaimed land.

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