Design Days Dubai: Father-son duo introduces Orbit collection

Design Days Dubai: Father-son duo introduces Orbit collection

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At the inaugural edition of Design Days Dubai in 2012, Nakkash Gallery was the only locally-based exhibitor and has returned every year since with collections from international designers. This year, the father-and-son founders Wajih and Omar Nakkash presented their own-designed first collection, featuring table series and a bookcase.

The Orbit tables feature delicate, brushed-iron tops supported by dark marble pedestals with built-in plant pots.

“The entire concept was to explore materials, and we wanted the beauty and the essence of the piece to come from the material itself,” Omar Nakkash tells “We didn’t want to have ornamentation and excessive design, so we chose two materials, Dark Emperador marble and iron sheets, which complement, but also contradict each other. Regarding mass, marble is a very solid and dominant material, and the iron is very thin. They complement each other aesthetically, the way they rest on one another. We also wanted to give a touch of greenery to add a poetic meaning of life.”

Luna is a circular and iron-framed bookcase, which balances space for books and decorative items with natural textures.

“We wanted a vertical element, so we came up with a bookcase,” says Nakkash. “It is asymmetrical, and we wanted to give more of the space to the greenery to symbolise life.

“We’ve been participating in Design Days since its inception, so we wanted to finally do our own collection,” says Nakkash, adding that everything was handcrafted and sourced in Italy. “Italians have a know-how of welding metals and their craftsmanship is unprecedented. Usually, when you weld, you either have bubbles, or you can see the screws, and with our pieces, it is entirely invisible.”

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The duo also presented the limited-edition, bronze and Murano glass 7 Salutes sculptural installation, a tribute to the national symbol of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s three-finger salute – win, victory, love.

Established in 1983, Nakkash Gallery has been at the forefront of interior design for three decades, reflecting its passion for both modern design and the antique.

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