desert INK to design maze-like installation for Downtown Design

desert INK to design maze-like installation for Downtown Design

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Landscape architects desert INK is set to design an installation which will be positioned at the entrance of Downtown Design, combining elements of landscaping, art and architecture.

The installation forms the entrance to the exhibition, intended to guide visitors through a maze-like path that combines art and planting compositions, providing visitors with an experiential journey prior to arriving at the destination.

“Unlike any other maze, containment is created using a series of posts wrapped with coloured ribbon,” Duncan Denley, manager at desert INK, explained.

“There are also some refreshing bursts of greenery which take visitors by surprise upon entering the experience.”

The structural posts that guide visitors through the installation are created using simple scaffolding that is then wrapped with red traffic tape, intended to add an element of excitement to the space and leave a lasting impression.

Romit Chakravarty, lead designer on the project, added that the project includes sustainable element, where all materials used across the design will be re-used, ensuring zero waste.

“Since this is a temporary installation, we ensured that everything used to create the experience will be reused,” he said.

“Nothing goes to waste, so all of the planting will be re-planted on future projects and paving materials collected and stored for future use. It’s actually a very sustainable design in that respect.”

The installation will be on show for the duration of the fair, which takes place from 14-17 November, 2017.

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