Delta Faucet Company looks forward to CID Awards 2014

Delta Faucet Company looks forward to CID Awards 2014

A gold sponsor for CID Awards 2014, Delta Faucet Company was founded by Masco Corporation in 1954 with the introduction of the single-handle faucet, and today, Delta Faucet is one of America’s faucet design leaders.

With CID Awards on the horizon, Delta Faucet has signed on to sponsor a number of awards for it believes the event is one of the region’s most esteemed.

Rachel Roberts, marketing manager – Middle East, Delta Faucet, said: “Delta Faucet Company has been present in the Middle East and Levant region for over three years and we realise the distinction and skill of design professionals in this region. We believe that the CID Awards are the ideal platform to engage with industry stakeholders and demonstrate Delta Faucet Company’s commitment to sustainable, innovative design.”

To Roberts, CID Awards 2013 was a testament to the immense effort and quality of work coming out of the Middle East. “We look forward to another successful experience this year,” she said.

Delta Faucet is a global organisation that offers kitchen faucets, bath faucets, shower heads, shower systems, toilets and related accessories in more than 53 countries.

Roberts admits that the firm is looking forward to CID Awards 2014, as judging by the previous year’s event, this year will be a great opportunity to network with design professionals who focus on “differentiation through innovation.”

Roberts said: “Functions such as the CID Awards inspire greater innovation within the region. Awards of this type provide the region with an opportunity to showcase its design excellence in front of a global audience, and help attract brands and investment to the region, as they demonstrate the capabilities and successes of companies operating within the region.”

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