Deadline clocks removed from Jeddah projects

Deadline clocks removed from Jeddah projects

Authorities in Jeddah have removed digital clocks at a selection of bridge and tunnel projects that showed the countdown to their scheduled completion, local media has reported.

Jeddah Mayoralty spokesman Muhammad Al-Baqmi said that the clocks were removed because they were out of order.

“The clocks were out of order so we had to remove them. However, we intend to install new digital clocks soon,” Al-Baqmi told Arab News.

Delays in the implementation of various construction projects on Jeddah’s streets and highways have raised questions from the city’s residents.

“We are entitled to know how long it will take for a project to be completed. These projects often cause inconvenience to commuters so it is important for us to know when they will be finished,” Saad Al-Johani, a Jeddah resident said.

Nayif Al-Qarni, another resident, said: “For quite some time now these clocks have been missing from the projects so we could no longer find out when a certain project would be completed. I used to check the mayoralty’s webpage but all I could find was the project’s title and its cost.”

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