“Darkest black” coats Anish Kapoor Chicago art installation

“Darkest black” coats Anish Kapoor Chicago art installation

Using the high-tech, light-absorbing material Vantablack, British artist Anish Kapoor has covered the entire surface of his Chicago public sculpture “Cloud Gate” with what is being called the darkest black ever created.

The result neutralizes 99.965% of the radiation that hits the structure, usually a mirror which attracts tourists for selfies.

“The public has had a decade to interact with the reflective surface of ‘Cloud Gate,’ and I felt it was time for a change,” Kapoor said.

“Whereas the sculpture was originally about play and surface appearance, I think the Vantablack version is more about introspection, about becoming disoriented, lost, and enveloped in an overwhelming void of nothingness.”

Locals have taken to calling it “The Black Bean,” a twist on its prior nickname, “The Bean.”

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