Danish island to build zero waste hotel

Danish island to build zero waste hotel

An experimental hotel and conference centre on the touristic island of Bornholm in Denmark will push the concept of sustainability by eliminating waste.

The Green Solution House, by Danish engineering and architecture firm 3XN, only uses fully recyclable or biodegradable materials.

Kasper Guldager Jørgensen, head of 3XN’s innovation unit, GXN, commented: “In Denmark, the construction industry alone is responsible for 30% of all waste generated.

“[This] puts an enormous burden on the environment, but with Green Solution House we demonstrate that this is a problem which we can actually solve.”

The building is designed for disassembly and constructed of defined recyclable materials. Solar power produces the energy consumed in the building, while rain water is collected and all water is biologically cleaned and reused.

Integrated green houses produce organic fruits and vegetables for the hotel restaurant. Further, the daily material flow from running the centre is either recycled or composted.

Jørgensen added: “It will be a dynamic building, a showroom that we will keep enhancing, and it will give the guests an inspirational and unusual experience.”

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