Danish firms unveil artificial islands for Copenhagen

Danish architecture firms Tredje Natur and PK3 have designed a series of artificial islands entitled ‘Blue Plan,’ planned to transform Copenhagen’s harbour into a recreational area.

The project is commissioned by the city’s planning department, with inspiration rooted in Copenhagen’s long history of man-made islands.

Covering five zones in and around the harbour, the master plan is conceived as a public recreational area for residents and tourists as well as being an educational facility.

House of Water is the first of five zones, comprising of softly curved concrete islands that can be accessed by a traditional wooden jetty with the second zone, entitled Bird Island, being a plant covered islet that could be used as a habitat for birds, small animals and insects.

The third zone is called Krøyer’s Puddle, a harbor bath including heated inlet pools and sauna caves, and the fourth zone, Operaparken, is a temporary park outside the Royal Opera House.

Lastly, Sportsøen, is designed as a water sports island in the centre of the harbor and will feature scuba diving, swimming and kayaking.

To connect the new islands, floating pathways and bridges will be used, with the architects working up a detailed urban analysis to move the project into the next stage of development.

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