Curving wall design feature of Tehran villa

Curving wall design feature of Tehran villa

Curves which sweep across a concrete facade and continue into the building’s interior are a feature of a house near Tehran, designed by Iranian studio Next Office

Kouhsar Villa was already partly built when the owner approached Next Office to redesign it and open the house up by removing a space in the centre.

“Because of its shape and size, this void could not give him the wide, bright interior he desired,” said Alireza Taghaboni of Next Office.

Rather than tear the central void’s steel columns down, the redesign has covered them with a continuous curved wall, which extends outside to cover the southern facade.

“We realised the only way to revive the project was to take this problem as an opportunity, rather than an obstacle,” said Taghaboni. “The south-facing facade wall has been stretched in an elastic manner towards the interior void, where it covers the columns and makes a smooth connection between inside and outside.”

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