Cubic design proposed for Tehran Stock Exchange

Cubic design proposed for Tehran Stock Exchange

Hans Hollein & Partner have revealed its proposed design for a Tehran Stock Exchange competition combining a cube with a central core that is raised from a rectangular prism.

The rectangular form of the tower is compatible with its surroundings but the façade itself is an innovative combination of two building envelope typologies, the window wall and the ceramic brick façade. It is also a contrast to the other buildings that surround it.

During the daytime, as the bricks as overlaid with a traditional colour pattern, it creates a mysterious effect as the building responds to the light by the enamel which works like a reflecting device.

At night when it is backlit, the contained form of the cube is broken up into a scattered image and starts to project light rays in every direction. The scattered image is a interpretation of how a traditional entity like a stock exchange has adapted to the digital age.

The building includes office areas accompanied by terraces and a podium with an accessible roof garden which contains the dedicated stock exchange functions and public spaces.

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